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A beautiful day in Brick,NJ

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Trolled from inlet to Shrewsbury & back with only a tail hooked thresher to show.  


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Tenacious Overnight Canyon Report 7/25-26

Made our first Open Boat overnighter to the Hudson with 2 Bryans, Ralph. Jacque, John and Jeff . Afternoon trolling was uneventful without a bite from the tip to the bumper boats in big eye alley. Night chunking produced one scorching run-off that came unglued at midnight. There were constant marks on the screen the rest the night but we had no further action. We joined the bumper boats again at first light and saw a few boats hooked up but we did not get a bite. Trolling away from the fleet we raised a white that took several passes at the shotgun bird and green machine, became hooked but spit the hook after a short run. Before heading home we switched to light tackle and had a good time putting Mahi in the cooler. Beautiful weather till 20 miles from home where you needed seat belts fastened.

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When the weather permits, this week has produced a steady catch of striped bass.
Live liners have had success working bunker pods off Bayhead and north in the area of Shark River.
Trollers have also been rewarded with most catches reported on white bunker spoons.
Pell’s customer Frank weighted in a 32 lb’er on a white Tony Maja spoon.

With water temps still on the cool side fluke have been reported to be close to the mouth of the Manasquan Inlet and the river.
A six lb’er was caught on chartreuse Gulp near “Dog Beach” on the outgoing tide.

Crabbing has picked up with good catches at the Mantoloking Bridge and local lagoons.

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Early morning anglers were rewarded with bass working bunker pods off BayHead.

Later in the day a good catch was reported off Shark River Inlet.

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Tenacious May 2015 Update

Water temperature is in the high 50’s. Blues are marauding baitfish in the bays and ocean and Stripers are being caught. Its time to go fishing and I can’t wait for our first trip next week.
 Shark tournaments are just around the corner and warmer water has begun to heat up the offshore canyons. It won’t be long before the tuna start hitting trolled rigs in the offshore waters.
Good fishing to all in the months ahead.
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Tenacious Canyon Report October 30-31

In the worst October weatherwise that I have seen in my 20 years chartering, we finally made our second overnight trip to the canyon with the Tom Hippler charter. Despite my recommending we not make the trip because of cold water temps and slow reports from all the party boats, Tom and his crew had a more positive attitude and decided to go. Afternoon trolling was uneventful and we setup for the night early. We had no action till 4am when the sword line went off and after 30 minutes the fish broke off. Shortly after a flat line started screaming and during the fight took us around the boat and then the line got caught in the props. The fish was staying up high and the mate was able to gaff the line on the other side of the boat. One guy then began handlining the fish while we cut the line, retied it to the rod and resumed fighting the fish. We had seen blue sharks circling the boat all night and we thought it might be a shark but as he tired we could see it was a good sized yellowfin and it was soon gaffed, a 70 lber. The rest of the night we fought and released several blue sharks, had another big fish on that broke off, and caught two gaffer Mahi. We kept fishing after sunup and another flat line went off which yielded a 50 lb longfin. We trolled  till 9:30 am with no bites and headed home with the two tuna and two mahi on ice. Tom and his crew’s optimism paid of with some action, a lot of fun and some meat to take home.
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Tenacious Canyon Report Oct 12-14

Took Larry, Steve, Chris, Clint, Jim and Joe to the Hudson for an open boat canyon trip on Sunday.
We left late due to the weather forecast and when we reached the canyon we setup for the night chunk immediately at 6 pm. It was quiet for an hour before we had a flurry of long fins go thru and the guys landed 2 for 4. Nothing further happened until 10 pm when Steve hooked up on what seemed like a shark and not a vibrant runoff typical of a tuna. However after 30 minutes it was clear that he was hooked up to a swordfish because he was still losing line and it remained deep and circling. After the first hour the fish was still winning and after 2 hours we began to see color. At 12:15 we harpooned a swordfish that we thought was close to 200 lbs. We weighed it at Hoffmans on the way in and it weighed 175 lbs.
 The rest of the night was quiet except for 4 mahi which the guys put on ice. At 9 am we trolled toward home with only a few lines off the transom due to heavy weeds. We had a single skipjack bite before steaming for home. Great weather with good fishermen and good eating to come.
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Tenacious Canyon Reports Sept 14 & 29

On September 14 we hosted John Yedloushnig and friend for an overnighter and fishing was very slow with only Mahi hitting the deck. We could not troll effectively in the weeds that covered the entire canyon and the tuna were not biting at night. We had beautiful weather but did not have one tuna bite. We were very disappointed because the previous nights reports said the bite was good although the seas were very rough. Kudos to John and his friend for their attitude and perseverance. John wants to go on an open boat trip in October.
On September 29 we hosted Ira Kornblut and friends for an overnighter and Fishing was still slow but we did have a few tuna bites. Weeds were still prevalent making trolling tough on the mate constantly clearing lines, We decided to start chunking early at 4 pm and in a short time we had a hookup with a decent fish that turned out to be a 50 plus lb Longfin. We had a couple other runoffs that did not come tight and then Ira fought and landed another Longfin, During this time the screen was constantly lit up with marks from 70 to 125 ft but we only had the few bites. We decided to move from the deep onto the bank after dark and we encountered the same lit up screen but no bites. In addition to bait we tried jigging to no avail. Our experience was echoed by the other 50 plus boats in the area, Even the party boats complained that they were on fish but they would not bite.
This September has been very unusual with high winds, a lack of yellowfins  and generally slow and sporadic tuna fishing. I’m hoping things change in October.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

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