Posted by: pellsonline | June 19, 2017

Tenacious Mako Charter

Capts Bernie Roth and Rich Oris hosted the Mark Lavery Charter from East Hanover in the Brett Bailey Shark Tournament on Saturday June 17. We started our drift in the Glory Hole and had no action till about 11am when the 40ft line went off and the charter fought a mako that measured 65 inches and was released in hopes of a bigger fish. Shortly thereafter the 40ft line went off again and the charter began fighting another mako that unfortunately spit the hook. Shortly after noon the 40ft line went off again and we could see this was a bigger shark. He took us around the boat up to the bow and then sounded. The charter fought the fish for over an hour and went through the six guys 4 or 5 times before he came to the boat and we could see he was tail wrapped and dead on arrival. The shark measured 88in and weighed 226lbs at Hoffmans.
Marks crew has fished the tournament several times with us and this is the first time they did not have a single bite from bluefish, blue sharks or dogfish, just makos. It was a memorable day for them even though other larger mako sharks were caught and this was a winner take all tournament.
Captain Bernie Roth
732.921.1829 cell


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