Posted by: pellsonline | July 12, 2016

TenaciousBluefish/Fluke Report – 7/11/16

On Monday we hosted Stu Smith from Phoenix, Arizona, his grandsons and friend for a day of Bluefish and Fluke fishing. We ran to the Rocks and started trolling for Blues but could not get them to bite so we switched to drifting for Fluke which was equally frustrating. As the northeast wind began to ease we tried trolling again and we had more luck. The guys had 6 bites and landed 4 Blues. We switched back to drifting for Fluke the rest of the day and they had action with short fluke, sea robins, 4 Sea Bass, 1 keeper Fluke and a porgy. The weather was gorgeous except for the early wind and the charter was a great group to fish with. Stu will return next Monday with more grandsons and he put the pressure on me saying that group has to beat todays catch. I look forward to trying.



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