Posted by: pellsonline | June 29, 2016

Tenacious Weekend Fishing Report 6/25-26

We had the pleasure of hosting two fishing families on the weekend. On Saturday we had Sal Motisi with his family and friends who wanted Stripers and Fluke. We started in the Long Branch area drifting for Fluke and had immediate action with shorts and occasional sandsharks. We moved several times and each time we had constant action with shorts and finally caught one keeper. Although we did not encounter any bunker schools we trolled bunker spoons on the way home to no avail. Despite the lack of fish in the box the charter had constant rod bending and laughs on a beautiful day on the water..
On Sunday we had Mike Miller with his family and one friend and they wanted Blues and Fluke. We started trolling on Shrewsbury Rocks with no bites until we put out an umbrella rig with green tubes and it was game on. We had constant action with medium sized blues with singles, doubles and one gruadruple coming over the transom. We were only fishing with one pole in the water and the charter was taking turns reeling in the fish. Somewhere after the fifth or six turn with 25 plus fish in the box the 5 man charter decided to switch to drifting for Fluke. As with Sal’s family they had immediate action with shorts and sandsharks but also manged to put four keepers in the box with one five pounder. They also enjoyed constant rod bending, many laughs and beautiful
It was a genuine pleasure fishing with both families. As the water continues to warm the Fluke fishing will continue to get better.
Capt Bernie Roth
732 920 6844 cell 732 921 1829



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